Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

General provisions.
These rules include the purchase – sale agreement (the Agreement) establishing mutual rights, obligations and responsibilities between the seller www.towhooks.eu (the online store) and the customer (the buyer).

Seller reserves the right at any time to change, edit or add to, taking into account the statutory requirements. The buyer, each time in order to go shopping in the online store will be required to re-confirm its agreement to purchase – selling rules.

Award of the contract.
The contract between the Web Store and the Buyer shall be considered concluded from the moment when the buyer formed a shopping cart, specified delivery address, confirm the order and it pays.

Buyer’s rights.
The buyer has the right to buy the online store in accordance with the rules and laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Goods online shop has the right to purchase adult natural persons and legal entities.

The buyer has the right to refuse the goods ordered and the contract, notifying the online stores in writing within 7 working days from the delivery date of 2001. 17 August. Minister of Economy Order No. 258 on the sale of items and services when contracts are awarded by means of communication approving the rules.

The buyer has the right to return the product within 7 working days of receipt of goods, if the product is not used, or damaged due to the buyer’s fault. The buyer returns the product at its own expense, if the product compliance order is not due to the fault of shops.

The buyer is committed.
A buyer using the buy undertakes to comply with these rules, other conditions clearly set out in the online store, as well as damage the Lithuanian legislation.

Internet shops right.
Seller has the right without prior notice to the Purchaser to cancel the order if the buyer does not pay for the goods within three (3) working days.

Internet shops obligations.
To create the right conditions for the buyer to buy services.

Deliver the buyer ordered goods to the address and within the agreed time.

In difficult circumstances, the online store can not deliver the goods ordered by Customer undertakes to offer a similar product, but the buyer refused to return the money paid.

The seller undertakes to respect the right to privacy of the buyer and the buyer’s personal data referred only to manage the Republic of Lithuania according to the laws.

Buyer fully responsible for the registration form submitted information.

The buyer is fully responsible for the actions using the Web Store your login information

Delivery of goods.
The buyer, ordering goods, choose the delivery method.

Seller is not responsible if the shipment is delayed due to no fault of the seller.
Product delivery time – 2-4d.d. In the event of unforeseen disruption, the seller undertakes to contact the customer and inform him about the problem.

Final Provisions.
These rules apply to the right of the Republic of Lithuania. Any controversy comes on the implementation of these rules shall be resolved by negotiation. Failing agreement, disputes are settled in the Republic of Lithuania Order established order.